Alpha EAA
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Categories: Amino Acids

Brand: NutraBio


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Alpha EAA is a unique and potent essential amino acid supplement that stands out from other products currently available in the market. Aside from its comprehensive full-spectrum EAA matrix, which contains 8.2 g of essential amino acids and 6 g of fermented BCAAs, Alpha EAA also features a focus and hydration complex.

This focus matrix is what really sets Alpha EAA apart from other amino acid supplements on the market. It includes a combination of some of the most effective nootropics available, such as Alpha-GPC, VitaCholine, and Huperzine A, as well as the world-renowned adaptogen Ashwagandha KSM-66. To further enhance the formula, Alpha EAA is fortified with taurine and CocoPure, which support hydration, as well as AstraGin, which facilitates amino acid uptake and absorption. This comprehensive blend of ingredients makes Alpha EAA one of the most efficaciously dosed and well-rounded amino acid supplements available.