Calm (Revive)

Calm (Revive)
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Brand: Revive MD


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  • Support the brain's serotonin and GABA signals 
  • Encourage stress management 
  • Encourages a cheerful attitude

Calm+ from Revive

Supplements for Revival Calm+ is a natural supplement created to boost a positive mood, induce relaxation, and lessen stress. L-Theanine is one of a number of powerful components in this exclusive combination that combine to promote calm and focus.

HTPurity, a supplement that has been used to encourage relaxation and lessen stress, is present in every serving of Revive Supplements Calm+. L-theanine, an amino acid that has been demonstrated to encourage relaxation and lower anxiety, is also included in this supplement.

Support a state of calmness and relaxation

In addition to these elements, our supplement for mood support also contains potent components including vitamin B12, folate, and L-taurine. The synergistic benefits of all these components in our Calm formula keep you primed for performance and recuperation so that you can handle all of life's challenges and be your best self.

Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium: Stress, both physical and mental, depletes the body's magnesium stores and is a constant in our culture. Studies have actually shown an inverse link between blood cortisol and magnesium, with cortisol decreasing as magnesium increases.
  • Folate: The creation of red blood cells as well as the growth and function of healthy cells depend on folate (vitamin B-9).
  • L-Taurine: Taurine will help your body regulate anxiety so that your thoughts don't spin out of control and you don't experience the corresponding cortisol and adrenaline surges that come along with worry and stress. Taurine does this by helping to boost GABA levels.