Glucose (Revive)

Glucose (Revive)
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Brand: Revive MD


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  • enhance nutrient absorption 
  • encourage accumulation of muscle glycogen 
  • Encourage proper insulin and glucose metabolism

Glucose from Revive

A natural product called Revive Supplements Glucose is intended to promote normal blood sugar levels. The combination of botanical extracts and necessary nutrients in this supplement support insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

An effective combination of components that are recognized to maintain healthy blood sugar levels is present in every dose of Revive Supplements Glucose. Additionally, this vitamin promotes a healthy glucose metabolism.

This supplement is a fantastic option for anybody searching for a natural solution to promote healthy blood sugar levels because it is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Maintain post-meal blood sugar levels

Utilizing our daily glucose supplement on a regular basis helps maintain already healthy glucose levels, especially after meals when increases in blood sugar are possible. It is especially helpful for amateur or professional athletes who consume a lot of carbohydrates, as well as for those who want to boost performance by promoting glucose absorption into skeletal muscle. A GDA that has been dosed and manufactured correctly is quite effective in fostering a healthy glucose metabolism.

Key Ingredients

  • Berberine: A powerful bitter herb mixture called Berberine Plus is intended to support digestive health: supports healthy gut bacteria to lessen bloating and gas* removes unwanted germs by focusing on them* encourages proper digestion for improved nutrient absorption*
  • Extract of Citrus Bergamot: Numerous studies have suggested that bergamot may aid in lowering total cholesterol as well as "bad" LDL cholesterol. Additionally, it could aid in raising "good" HDL cholesterol.
  • Citrus Fruit Extract: This chemical has a reputation for decreasing inflammation and improving wound healing.