K2 (Revive)

K2 (Revive)
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Categories: Vitamins & Herbs

Brand: Revive MD


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  • reinforces bones 
  • Safeguards The Heart 
  • maximizes the absorption of calcium

Vitamin K2 from Revive

Vitamin K2 from Revive Supplements is a very accessible version of the vitamin that is crucial for bone and heart health. In order to maintain healthy calcium levels in the body, vitamin K2 is essential.

In order to prevent calcium from building up in the arteries and soft tissues, it prevents calcium from depositing in the proteins that help grow bones and teeth. By doing so, you can keep your heart and bones in good shape.

Consider using Revive Supplements Vitamin K2 in your daily routine if you want to support the health of your bones and your heart.

Daily Bone & Heart Support

Despite the fact that vitamin K2 is effective on its own, it is advised to combine it with vitamin D3. To maximize their effects inside the body, these two vitamins work in tandem. Calcium is excreted from the blood by vitamin D3, while calcium is transported into the bones by vitamin K2. These two need also prevent the accumulation of minerals in the veins and arteries, which can cause problems with the heart. This pair is now available as a package.

Key Ingredients  

  • Vitamin K2: It supports healthy brain function, bone metabolism, and skin health. Additionally, vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in the body's use of calcium to support bone growth and prevent blood vessel calcification. Animal products and canned meals include vitamin K2.