Magnesium+ (REVIVE)

Magnesium+ (REVIVE)
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Brand: Revive MD


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  • encourages relaxation
  • health of the heart and nerves
  • relieves indigestion and heartburn

Magnesium+ from Revive

Supplements for Revival Magnesium+ is a premium magnesium supplement created to support overall wellness and good health.

Magnesium aids in the maintenance of strong bones, muscles, and nerves, as well as helping the body make energy and synthesize proteins.

In addition to being vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free, Revive Supplements Magnesium+ is a fantastic option for anybody with dietary limitations.

Use as directed by mixing one scoop with 2-4 fl oz of water as a dietary supplement.

*Due to a manufacturing mistake, some labels indicate 475g of magnesium. Here are the accurate supplement facts.

Daily assistance with digestion, mental wellness, and organ health.

Magnesium is a versatile mineral that is involved in over 300 bodily events. These functions span a variety of systems, including those involved in digestion, mental health, and muscular health, and are not restricted to any one aspect of health. It has been demonstrated that the specific types of magnesium used to make up our Magnesium+ formula improve heart health by promoting healthy nerve activity, offering symptomatic relief for intestinal stress, and help with stress management.

Key Ingredients 

  • Magnesium Taurate: Taurine, an amino acid, serves as the "carrier" molecule for this particular type of magnesium. Regular use encourages cardiac relaxation and aids in blood vessel opening, enabling healthy heart blood flow. Additionally, magnesium has a relaxing impact on the neurological system and activates the brain's relaxation pathways.
  • Magnesium Carbonate: This highly absorbable form of magnesium, which is extracted straight from the mineral, is famous for its calming effects on the digestive system. Consumption can aid in neutralizing gastric acid, facilitating easy digestion. Magnesium is essential for the movement of electrolytes, which supports the activities involved in muscular function.

*Due to a manufacturing mistake, some labels indicate 475g of magnesium per serving. There are 475 mg of magnesium in each meal.