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In order to maintain a healthy immune system and overall well-being, it is vital to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Micro Factor offers a comprehensive approach by combining six products into one convenient packet.

Each serving of Micro Factor delivers:

  • Micro Factor provides a potent antioxidant blend to support the immune system and scavenge free radicals.
  • It contains a quality multivitamin to support metabolic functions and energy production.
  • Micro Factor includes a probiotic to promote gut health and improve immune function.
  • CoQ10 is included to support cardiovascular function and overall heart health.
  • Essential fatty acids help combat the adverse effects of stress and support joint health.
  • A superfood blend of fruits and vegetables supports cellular detoxification and boosts antioxidant activity.

Additionally, Micro Factor provides CoQ10 to support cardiovascular function, essential fatty acids to help combat the negative effects of stress, and a superfood blend of fruits and vegetables to support cellular detoxification and boost antioxidant activity.

All of these ingredients work together to support every aspect of your body, leading to improved immune function, digestion, and energy levels. By incorporating Micro Factor into your daily routine, you can feel your best and maintain a strong immune system throughout the year.