Muscle Plexx



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With a daily dose of 2,750 milligrams, Muscle Plexx is all-that AND the kitchen sink.

We've brought together a culmination of ingredients that are focused to provide the most potent, most anabolic, and best results that any natural testosterone booster could possibly deliver. This product runs the gamut of all potential aphrodisiacs, natural test boosters, and ingredients that mitigate the activity of both estrogen and DHT...and then we cranked up the absorption rate on ALL of them.

We're even bringing forth as industry first - Cervine Placenta Powder - an organ extract from the same deer that brought you the infamous antler velvet to provide a plethora of essential nutrients and growth factors, perhaps even more potent than it's predecessor.

We have a multifaceted complex when it comes to providing optimal estrogen control, both at the aromatase enzyme and at the estrogen receptor, as well as multiple components that reduce 5a-reductase activity and promote better prostate health.