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The leading muscle-building activator with MEDIATOR®

MYO SCRIPT™ is a mTOR and muscle protein syntheses activator. A unique mixture of phospholipids called phosphatidic acid has been clinically shown to increase muscle mass, strength, and aid in fat mass reduction in those who consume insufficient amounts of protein and engage in weight-bearing activity.

In addition, MYO SCRIPT™ includes: 

  • Vegas leucine: a muscle-potentiating pathway activator. 
  • Serum Protein Isolate: a therapeutic serum protein that has improved immunostimulatory and muscle-building effects. 

Dietary Supplement, 160g (5.64 oz)

Who needs to take Myo Script ™? 

Myo Script ™ is a fully-rounded substance that works well for several fitness objectives, including muscle growth, fat reduction, and muscle maintenance.

How does Myo Script™ function? 

A potent combination of the following ingredients makes up Myo Script™:

Mediator Phosphatidic acid is a kind of phospholipid that stimulates the mTor pathway, which is your body's main muscle-building process. Mediator is a proven component for growing muscle that has undergone clinical research on people. In university research, it was shown to give twice as much muscle gain, twice as much strength gain, and twice as much fat mass reduction in people who engaged in weight-bearing activity and ingested enough protein.

Nutristat™ uses 100% vegan-derived leucine rather than lower-quality amino acid material. Additionally, leucine stimulates mTor pathways, which start the synthesis of new muscle proteins. Because of how leucine helps the body retain and develop lean muscle tissue, it has been called a nutritional trigger for muscular anabolism. By acting as both a fuel for metabolism and an activator of glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), a key enzyme in the metabolism of amino acids, it also aids in promoting insulin release from pancreatic cells.

Growth factors, immunoglobulins, IgG, IGF-1, transferrin, and lactoferrin are all abundant in serum protein isolate in addition to bioactive di and tri peptide bonded amino. This clinically proven protein supports the body's ability to divide up nutrients, enhance the immune system, and prevent muscle catabolism. These immunoglobulins and growth factors have been clinically shown to support immunological function, digestive health, and muscular performance.

Myo Script™: What is it? 

In order to boost muscle protein synthesis and nutrition partitioning, Myo Script™ activates the mTor pathway, which is meant to promote nutrient transport.