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What is Native Zyme?

NATIVE ZYME™ is a blend of specific protease enzymes studied to build muscle mass and increase muscle recovery when used with protein powders (such as PÜR NATIVE™).  Advantages are:

  • Digests protein into bio-usable form to increase protein absorption
  • Maximizes utilization of amino acids
  • Significantly decreases stomach discomfort/bloating/cramping associated with consuming high amounts of protein
  • Effective at digesting whey, caseine, egg, soy, hemp and pea proteins as well as food sources

How does Native Zyme™ work?

NATIVE ZYME™ helps break down protein thoroughly in a timely manner so the body can absorb a maximum amount of amino acids into the bloodstream. Consumption of whey protein with NATIVE ZYME™ significantly raises the level of amino acids in the blood compared to whey isolate alone. Among those amino acids are the branched chain amino acids, which have been shown to play an important role in muscle synthesis and recovery.

More info about Native Zyme™:

Q: How many servings of Native Zyme™ are in one bottle?
A: 30

Q: When should Native Zyme™ be taken?
A: It should be taken as a supplement with protein powder (such as PÜR NATIVE™).

Q: How much Native Zyme™ should I take?
A: Take 1 capsule (250 mg) per 25 grams of protein.

Q: How does this compare to other enzymes used in protein formulations?
A: Native Zyme™ has clinical data, founded by human trials, proving its ability to allow protein to absorb past the stomach acid for unparalleled protein usability.

Q: Does Native Zyme™ have any special classifications?
A: Native Zyme is classified as Kosher, non-GMO and vegan.