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Tired of wasting money on supplements like BCAAs and glutamine that don't produce much? Studies show that BCAAs do not provide the entire range of amino acids that your muscles need and that glutamine does not pass past your intestines.

  • Compared to other amino acids, peptide amino acids absorb more quickly and effectively.
  • It is derived from 5 grams of vegan 2:1:1 BCAAs and EAAs from whole food sources.
  • It uses a scientifically determined ratio of BCAAs to EAAs to work in harmony for the best possible muscular function.
  • It contains CoffeeBerryTM, which improves insulin sensitivity to help in muscle pumps and amino acid transport.
  • Includes a full 2 grams of Peak O2, a mushroom combination used in academic research to increase energy, power, and endurance.
  • Its feature improved electrolyte saturation with Albion Labs Calci-K.
  • It reduces cortisol to promote higher muscular growth and body fat removal.
  • An amino acid solution that is ALL IN ONE.

What else distinguishes Pur Peptide®? 

It includes Coffeeberry, a powerful antioxidant, and insulin-producing substance. As a result, coffeeberry protects your body from free radical damage, which has positive effects on your immune system and is anti-aging. It naturally speeds up the body's metabolic rate and enhances amino acid absorption and storage because it is also insulinogenic. Additionally, it contains Peak02, a combination of unique mushrooms. Peak02 has been created scientifically to boost endurance as well as performance and power.

What sets PÜRPEPTIDE® different from other amino available on the market? 

A bioactive structure of EAAs and a fully effective dose of 2:1:1 vegan source BCAAs are both included in PÜRPEPTIDE®. This item evolves from a simple amino acid supplement. It is an absolute powerhouse for lean muscle preservation and muscular growth. Peak 02, Coffeeberry, and Albion Labs Chelated Minerals have been added, pushing the limits of performance nutrition and muscle-building science with PÜRPEPTIDE®.