Taurine 250 Grams
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Brand: NutraKey


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Taurine - 250 servings

Main Benefits Include:

  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Increase muscle endurance
  • Improves recovery time

Defeat Mental and Physical Exhaustion: Delay fatigue, reduce cell damage, and enhance your mental performance and mood*

A popular ingredient in most energy drinks and the 2nd most abundant amino acid in the body after glutamine, taurine is mostly found in the brain, heart and bloodstream where it functions as a powerful antioxidant and supports both mental and athletic performance.2,4,5 As a conditional amino acid, taurine can be produced in small amounts by the body, but is largely derived from food sources like meat, fish, and supplementation.

Taurine has been known to increase muscle mass, muscle strength & power, reduce muscle damage caused by exercise, accelerate recovery between workouts, and may also have an insulin-like effect in the body, helping to load essential nutrients into muscle tissue.1,2,4,5

Increased Blood-Oxygen Levels: The “Silver Bullet” of Endurance*

Thought to be the result of taurine’s potent antioxidant activity, researchers have found that taurine supplementation can result in significant increases in VO2max (the maximum capacity of a person’s body and bloodstream to transport and utilize oxygen).3,4 With increased oxygen availability and reduced cellular damage from free radicals, taurine has been shown to enhance endurance and drastically delay the onset of fatigue.3,4

Research also suggests that muscle tissue without adequate taurine levels contract with less force that muscles that are sufficiently supplied.2

Enhance Mental Performance, Memory, and Concentration*

Through a largely unknown process, taurine has been shown to enhance the neural functioning of the human brain – promoting better memory, mood, and overall mental performance.5 As we age, taurine concentrations are slowly reduced in the brain, leading researchers to believe that taurine plays a vital role in how our brain’s operate and grow – making taurine supplementation especially important as we get older.5

While many of the specific actions of taurine have yet to be fully uncovered, decades of safe usage and numerous studies support the benefits of supplementation.

So no matter if you’re running a marathon, lifting heavy, or doing some late night work, taurine is a must-have for getting the most out of your mind and body. NutraKey’s Taurine has been ultra-micronized for maximum absorption and bioavailability – which means that more taurine is available for your body to use.


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