Ultra Natural Prostate
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The fact that Ultra Prostate Formula has substances like beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto to support healthy prostate function, good urine flow, and other factors makes it our top prostate supplement.

Gluten free | Non-GMO

Ultra Prostate Formula

As men age, maintaining prostate health is crucial. Twelve complementing substances are included in Ultra Prostate Formula, which supports healthy urine patterns and prostate cell health, helps maintain hormone balance, and more.

The various aspects that are crucial for long-term prostate health have been precisely addressed by Ultra Prostate Formula.


  • supports normal prostate size and function 
  • maintains PSA levels that are currently at a healthy range 
  • promotes the division of healthy prostate cells 
  • aids in reducing inflammation while promoting regular urine 
  • promotes the prostate's proper hormone metabolism 

Supporting normal prostate size and cellular composition

  • An antioxidant carotenoid called lycopene supports normal prostate growth and function.
  • The correct metabolism of hormones is supported by the trace element boron.
  • Serenoa repens, which supports healthy urination and aids in maintaining healthy prostate structure and function, is delivered in a standardized dosage via saw palmetto CO2 extract.
  • Inflammatory elements are reduced to encourage good urination.
  • An enzyme called AprèsFlex®—5-LOX converts fatty acids into inflammatory factors. At the cellular level, this highly absorbable boswellia extract suppresses 5-LOX activity.
  • Flower pollen extract from Graminex® A healthy inflammatory response is encouraged by this enriched pollen extract.
  • Pygeum—An extract of the African cherry tree, pygeum promotes normal urine patterns and includes the plant chemical beta-sitosterol.
  • Beta-sitosterol and pumpkin seed – Our recipe also contains pumpkin seed and extra beta-sitosterol (from pine).