Unbound Grains of Paradise



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  • Encourages a Rise in Caloric Expenditure 
  • Encourages Better Thermogenesis 
  • Encourages Better Metabolism
  • Possibly Enhances R-Comp Effects
  • May Activate Brown Fat Conversion and Increase it 

Look no further if you want to re-comp or reduce weight. GOP (grains of paradise) is a unique weight-loss supplement component that is revered as the ultimate body RE-COMP and fat-burning tool. † GOP's primary active component, 6-Pardol, has been demonstrated to stimulate brown adipose tissue (BAT) and may physically affect how fat cells function. 

According to studies, taking grains of paradise as a supplement may assist to promote BAT thermogenesis, raise total body energy expenditure, and decrease body fat mass (including visceral fat) and waist circumference. The strongest extract is UNBOUND GOP, which is standardized for a minimum of 12.5% 6-paradol. Numerous common fat-burning, thermogenic, and pre-workout substances, including UNBOUND GBB, can be used with GOP.