Yohimbine HCL (Revive MD)
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Brand: Revive MD


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  • encourage fat loss 
  • increase in blood flow 
  • increase well-being & mood

Yohimbine from Revive

Supplements for Revival Yohimbine is a potent substance that boosts athletic performance, vitality, and weight reduction. This supplement, which is made with pure yohimbine hydrochloride, has been demonstrated to encourage the breakdown of body fat that has been accumulated and to enhance circulation, which results in more energy and endurance when exercising. Yohimbine is a popular choice for both men and women seeking to improve their physical and sexual performance because it is also proven to support sexual health and function. You will receive the cleanest, most potent yohimbine available thanks to our formula's lack of chemicals and fillers. Yohimbine from Revive Supplements is a powerful supplement that you should use right now to reap its advantages.

Improve blood flow & healthy weight management

Reduced lipogenesis and increased fatty acid mobilization are encouraged by our yohimbine supplement in the body. This implies that it can greatly help in shedding resistant fat when combined with diet and exercise.

Key Ingredients 

  • Yohimbine: The ability of yohimbine to suppress the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors found in fat cells may help weight reduction when taking it. Of course, this doesn't replace a diet, but it does support one.